Stanitsas Chorus, Constantinople 1962, rehearsal for Prigos Jubileum


In the year 1962, the Chorus of the Association of Music Lovers of Constantinople (Syllogos Syndesmou Mousikofilon Constantinople), under the direction of Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas, held a concert for the Jubileum of Konstantinos Pringos. The concert took place in the hall of the Athletic Club Peran. The historical recordings presented on this page were made during the choir's rehearsals. They come from the archive of the unforgettable Protopsaltis Konstantinos Milas (a member of Stanitsas' choir in Constantinople) and were personally handed down to us by him. Recordings [...]

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Stanitsas Lessons to Athanasios Paivanas


Historical Recordings Recorded lessons of Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas to his student, Athanasios Paivanas. Audios with music score presentation Only Audios (mp3)  Cheroubikon plagal forth  Cheroubikon Ebdomados Petrou tone I Trisagion Palasi tone I  Choroi Israel, katavasies Pepikilmeni katavasies Mosis to kairo  Efthase kairos Tone plagal second  Evlogiaria  Oi ex asebeias Parilthen i skia Anabatmoi plagal IV

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Video Stanitsa’s Interview, Cyprus


Stanitsas visit to Cyprus, August 1986 In August 1986, the Archon Protopsaltis of the Great Church of Christ was invited to Cyprus, where he traveled and chanted at the Holy Monastery of Kykkos during the Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos. During his stay in Cyprus, he gave an interview on RIK Channel. Watch the Interview

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Institute of Byzantine Musicology, Stanitsas


Institute of Byzantine Musicology collaborates with Thrasyvosoulos Stanitsas (1973-1979) In 1974 the Institute of Byzantine Musicology (IBM) started a cycle of musicological studies aim of presenting and chorus chanting choral works of Byzantine and Meta-Byzantine Composers. For the implementation of this project, Mr. Gregorios Stathis (member of the Institute of Byzantine Musicology) addressed to approached Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas and asked to form a choir to perform as a series of works for each of the composers at corresponding events. Thus began the round of Musicology Studies. In these, Mr. Stathis spoke presented about the life and work of the [...]

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